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Best 2019 Debt Consolidation Loans, get more cash with our Funding!

Nowadays, more and more families rely on banks or financial agencies to apply for a loan, but how to apply for the best loans in 2019? In fact, the statistics confirm that, in 2018, the loans requested by the Italians increased by 9.3%…


SME Loan – Finance your business comfortably

Getting loans for SMEs is not as difficult as before. In the current financial market you can obtain financing for small and medium-sized companies , which is much simpler thanks to the emergence of private equity companies and new participatory financing platforms that…


Bank of Spain intervenes Banco de Valencia, which allocates 3,000 million between capital and liquidity

The Bank of Spain has intervened Banco de Valencia, an entity integrated in Banco Financiero and Savings (BFA), and has allocated 3,000 million euros of public money, 1,000 million to strengthen its capital and 2,000 million line of credit to ensure its liquidity,…


Barcelona begins to shape its controversial local currency

Barcelona City Council has set the next half year to carry out the dissemination and design of the future local currency for Barcelona, ​​which could be defined in the spring. A controversial tool -which has the opposition of the Bank of Spain, which…