1950s Dodge Power Wagons folded like crazy with this bizarre Canadian modification

In fact, earlier this year a restored 1958 Dodge Power Wagon was sold on Hemmings, as reported by Zero260.. Listed at $ 115,000, the auction photos clearly show the vehicle’s twisting capabilities. The space between the running boards between the cabin and the bed is easily noticeable, necessary to allow both to twist without damaging. It’s a big change for an old pickup, but restored Power Wagons don’t come cheap.

If you want to see one in person without spending your money, you can always visit the Petersen Automotive Museum instead. With a 1953 Dodge Power Wagon on display in resplendent yellow and black paint, the truck wears a badge proudly boasting of its Willock modifications.

The design of the swivel frame has been largely forgotten over the years, with most manufacturers relying on longer-travel suspension designs rather than sophisticated torsion frames. This had the benefit of eliminating a pivot that could wear out over time, as well as the need to unlock the pivot before getting off the road. Conventional designs also tend not to rock the bed as much as a Willock swivel frame would. Either way, it remains as a curiosity from an earlier era of automotive experimentation.

Unfortunately, the swivel frame is not available to accommodate contemporary pickups like the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX. However, if you’re creative enough in the machine shop, you could probably try doing something similar with it. a modern truck. When you do, be sure to leave a message to us.

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