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The subcompact car segment is very popular in Japan, where parking is often paid and Kei cars are king. However, this is not true for most of the United States. That said, there are still places where compact cars like the 2015 Honda Fit can shine. In addition, these places are growing every day.

Edmunds was a fan of the 2015 Honda Fit, including this MY 2017 variant | Edmunds

Take, for example, cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver. Every city has grown tremendously over the past 15 years or so, creating more, well, more. The Fit is a subcompact car that excels at doing more with less, making it a perfect, inexpensive solution for crowded city streets.

Is the Honda Fit a good car?

The 2015 Honda Fit sure wins on looks | Steve Russell via Getty Images

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Honestly, it’s the architecture of the subcompact car that makes the 2015 Honda Fit so ideal for urban environments. Typically, cars like this almost always end in a hatchback design, like the Toyota Yaris. It’s just the most efficient use of space. The Fit is no exception to this. In fact, you can fold the seats flat or lift them up against the front seats to maximize that floor space.

I can’t speak for the Fit, but similar systems like those in the 4th gen Toyota 4Runners work phenomenally. Obviously, visibility is a good thing anywhere, but especially in the Fit’s hometown. Again, this subcompact hatchback layout means you can see up front and down the road. It’s like driving a bus, only 100% smaller and more maneuverable.

$ 10,000 is a bargain for a Honda subcompact car

The interior of the Honda Fit 2015 with a conventional layout with infotainment and air conditioning settings in the middle of the car

Unfortunately, the Fit does not have a physical volume button | Honda

Obviously, for $ 10,000, you will lack a bit of convenience. Honda really was an anti-volume button six years ago. Fortunately, they have changed their ways, but the 2015 Honda Fit must do without. Instead, everything is handled on this now obsolete touchscreen. And, of course, the interior is going to feel a bit cheap. After all, you are spending $ 10,000 on a car, not $ 100,000.

Push button start is nice I guess. Honestly, the Fit is an A-to-B machine. It’s designed to get you there as quickly as possible while using little gas and small enough to park when you get there. At this, the Fit excels. The engine is small, making only 130bhp (per KBB), but you’ll hardly be using it in town anyway. As long as the speed limit is respected, who cares?

Honda excels in making small cars

A red 2015 Honda Fit taken over a long exposure at night, blurring the traffic behind

Tailgate design is hard to spoil | Honda

The 2015 Honda Fit really is a summary of everything Honda does well. The interior is quite good. Ergonomics too. But, the Fit will work forever, it will use almost no gas, and you can put…. some things in it. For a subcompact car, what more do you need? The Fit really adheres to the “less is more” philosophy, and it’s better for it. Your wallet will be better for it too, if you end up buying one.

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