5 auto startups offering hassle-free / self-care services for your car

Through innovation, the daily and often tedious tasks that we have to accomplish are handled more productively, with virtually no effort on our part. This is particularly evident now with regard to the repair of our vehicles. The fervor when it comes to buying a fancy new car or shiny new motorbike darkens impressively when the vehicle misbehaves or needs a routine overhaul.

Either way, these new auto companies are backing you up.

Here is a list of five auto startups that offer hassle-free self-care services for your car:

Beyond the garage – Beyond Garage is your one stop online solution for locating the best auto and bike mechanic for all your vehicle repair and service. Their services include everything related to cars and bicycles, from general service, painting, insurance work, supplying spare parts to breakdown services like starting the vehicle does not start and much more. other.

Beyond Garage was formed after the amalgamation of successful auto service company Doers and auto parts supply company Auto Part Hub with the vision to organize and standardize global auto service needs and provide a fast, transparent, quality and affordable solution to our customers. At Beyond Garage, we manage the end-to-end operation of vehicle service and spare parts supply to provide professional and cost-effective service.

Pit stop – Pit Stop offers an easy to use and informative online catalog, the best part is that you can shop from the comfort of your home or office and on your mobile device when you are on the go. Pit Stop offers new aftermarket automotive parts and components, and parts are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed OE specifications. The Pit Stop Auto brand has been trusted by mechanics and vehicle owners around the world for years, delivering the perfect fit at an affordable price.

Mixcraft – Mixcraft is the select chain of auto repair centers in India. The company has a completely simple body shop chain, pointing to top quality administration and consumer retention. Mixcraft is one of the rapidly growing products in North India and coming very soon to West and South India. The company accepts that repairing a vehicle is more than solving specialist problems – it’s everything but manufacturing, to ensure that this wonderful piece of metal receives the affection and consideration it needs. .

Mixcraft does everything within your grasp to gain certainty, from the second you need our administration until long after maintenance is complete. In the near future, Fixcraft will likely make the whole experience peaceful – and provide meaningful and lasting peace of mind with a public guarantee on all work performed.

CarZippi – CarZippi is a versatile green car wash, designed out of a colossal desire to first offer the best portable retail management ever and second to consider and protect the environment.

Alongside industry specialists from different foundations of the automotive industry manufacturing group at CarZippi, which is designed to offer a full vehicle maintenance service, such as vehicle wash and census administrations for buyers at their doorstep.

Because Zippi integrates human capabilities matched with the wonders of current innovation to give practical but polished and pristine answers to car owners around the world.

Bedroom – Droom is a Gurgaon-based technology and data science-based online automotive marketplace that offers 21st century experience in vehicle retailing and buying in India. With around 80% market share of online automotive transactions, Droom ranks among the largest online automotive platforms in India. Besides, it is one of the biggest e-commerce companies. In addition, Droom is also one of India’s most trusted consumer internet brands, often known for its innovative approach and technology, funded by renowned global investors.

So you now know who to contact when looking to have your vehicle repaired.

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