A Cheshire Dogs’ Home resident saved the life of a Warrington family pet

A resident of CHESHIRE Dogs’ Home has been hailed a hero by a Warrington family after saving the life of their beloved pet.

Ivy, a four-year-old cocker spaniel, became ill in late December and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease causing chronic and life-threatening anemia.

This left her in need of an urgent blood transfusion from a living canine donor on Christmas Eve.

Cheshire Dogs’ Home has a good working relationship with Beech House Vets, and the shelter dogs there are often blood donors.

Coincidentally, once Ivy was recovering, her owner Shelley was chatting with the daughter of a neighbor who works at the Dogs’ Home and who knew that Tucker, a greyhound, had been the dog who had given blood there on Christmas Eve. .

Shelley said: “Tucker saved Ivy’s life, there’s no doubt about it.

“The vets are amazed at how well she did, and I can’t thank Cheshire Dogs’ Home and Tucker enough.

“We would love to meet Tucker one day to thank him in person – it was a Christmas miracle.”

Anna Stansfield, manager of Cheshire Dogs’ Home, said: “It’s a wonderful story and we are delighted that our beautiful boy Tucker was able to play his part in saving Ivy’s life.

To us, all dogs are special and Tucker is just one of the many wonderful dogs that come through our doors.

“He was happily relocated last week and we were able to tell his new family what a special boy he is.”

Anyone interested in adopting a dog from Cheshire Dogs’ Home can visit www.dogshome.net.

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