All the Rockstar game titles that let you buy real estate

rock star games covers a variety of genres: first person shooters, RPGs, action adventures, racing, and more. Each title in its catalog has a unique world that feels immersive for the player, especially its open world titles. Open-world games mimic the reality of being able to explore an environment, allowing players to interact with real-life characters, buildings, and systems just like one would in real life. The player embraces a sense of freedom and builds a life for their character regardless of the limitations of the real world.

Grand Theft Auto 3 encapsulated this by including safe houses where the player could store vehicles in private garages. All Grand Theft Auto installment published after GTA 3 (and other Rockstar titles) also include private property. In previous Rockstar games, Havens were simplistic properties unlocked by completing missions, but then evolved into realistic, interactive spaces purchased with virtual money. The most recent versions of Rockstar feature a real estate market with high-end properties at high prices, offering the player an incentive to earn money by completing missions and buying income-generating assets.

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Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto 3 offers three shelters (then called hideouts) that are unlockable as the story progresses (this is also the case for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories). Each hideout includes a garage for Claude to store his vehicles, a save point, an option to lower the player’s wanted levels, health, and a selection of weapons. The interiors of these safe houses are simple, showing only the necessities such as a bed, stove and refrigerator. All of Claude’s shelters appear as a purple house icon on the map.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City, released on Playstation 2 in 2002, is the first installment in the popular series to feature assets and havens that the player can purchase with in-game cash. There are a total of nine assets that the player can purchase on the map, including a shipyard, an ice cream factory and an auto showroom, the most expensive asset being the “Malibu Club” valued at $ 120,000. With the profit that can be made from these assets, players can choose from nine shelters, ranging from the “Skumole Shack” valued at $ 1,000 to the “Hyman Condo” valued at $ 14,000. As in Grand Theft Auto 3, Tommy’s shelters have a backup point, closet and usable garages.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was a huge leap forward in terms of the number of properties available for purchase. Excluding shelters unlocked for free after completing missions, players can find thirty properties for sale on the map, including beach houses, apartments, hotel suites, and two-story houses, ranging from 6 $ 000 to $ 120,000. The interior of Carl’s shelters doesn’t seem to have improved much since GTA Vice City, with as main characteristics a garage, a backup point and, in the Johnson house, a cupboard. When for sale, these properties are displayed as a green house icon on the map; once purchased, they appear as a floppy disk. There are ten assets available for purchase in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, players having the option of managing their own airstrip. These assets generate a decent income for the player and contribute to the purchase of high-end real estate.


Even if Grand Theft Auto 4 With just five shelters for purchase, it seems Rockstar Games has gone for quality over quantity, with the interior layout and functionality of these properties significantly improved over their predecessors. Much of this is due to better graphics and better game development technology, but the amenities offered make Niko’s havens more than just a save point. Properties now include working TVs, the ability to save a game by walking up to the bed rather than a spinning floppy disk, and private parking spaces instead of garages. The realistic bedroom designs of Grand Theft Auto 4, with its twenty-first century decor, looks like something closer to The sims than previous RGT installments.

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The cartoonish world of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars sees even greater advancements in property interiors, which players can see before they buy. This entry in the Grand Theft Auto The series brings a touch of modern living, with the added novelty of signing the deed on the same device used to view the property. While this episode is more lively than previous titles, Rockstar Games makes sense of the living spaces in the game by adding storage boxes to hide money and drugs, allowing players to clear wanted levels by. sitting on chairs or sofas, and creating the realistic effect of time passing by advancing the game six hours after the players have left the property.

The latest installment in the series has a whole new level of in-game real estate. For the first time ever, Rockstar Games is introducing an online mode, in which players can take part in missions, modify vehicles, manage businesses, launch heists and even buy their own properties via in-game smartphones. In the realistic open world of Grand Theft Auto Online, gamers can indulge in the fantasy of living in an apartment worth $ 1,100,000, or moving into a Sandy Shores cabin worth as little as $ 100,000. Compared to GTA Vice City where shelters simply provide a place to record game progress and change outfits, the more than eighty properties available in GTA Online offer all the quirks of everyday life, like pouring a glass of wine, looking through a telescope, watching TV and even handling heists.

Red Dead Redemption

Snack bar in Holland updates menu with Red Dead Redemption 2 reference

Set a century before the Los Santos gang wars, Red Dead Redemption offers a glimpse into the cowboy-ruled world of North America. Although the cities are small and the technology light, this gun world is not without its own selection of real estate to buy – at prices significantly cheaper than in the Grand Theft Auto series. The range of properties available to the player differ between Western-style houses, tiny rooms fitted with basic furnishings, farmhouse outbuildings, and a secluded cabin in the forest with an open fire and bearskin rug, with prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 200. Players can also rent rooms for $ 5 per night. These shelters are used by the player to save game progress and access John’s wardrobe; there are also hitch poles on the outside to tie up John’s horse.

Bare, pixelated pieces of Grand Theft Auto 3 and isolated cabins of Red Dead Redemption, with customizable high-end properties of Grand Theft Auto 5, rock star games revolutionized the concept of in-game real estate. With gamers having the ability to browse properties on virtual smartphones, its games really exude a sense of reality that can be too immersive at times.

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