Apple is working on AirPods and USB-C accessories, according to industry reports

You know how you should have one charger for Android devices and headphones, and another for your iPhones and tablets? Well, no more (maybe): Apple is finally working on accessories including mice, keyboards and AirPods that charge via USB-C instead of their internal Lightning cables.

This news flash comes courtesy of Ming-Chi Kuo, who has accurately predicted Apple’s next steps before and tweeted about it on May 11. According to the analyst, 2023 iPhones are likely to charge via USB-C cables instead of Lightning cables. we got used to constantly replacing.

Apple iPad Air 2022


“My latest survey indicates that the new 2:23 iPhone will ditch the Lightning port and move to the USB-C port,” he tweeted. “USB-C could improve iPhone transfer and charging speed in hardware designs, but final specification details are still dependent on iOS support.

Apple’s existing ecosystem USB-C related vendors (e.g. controller IC, connector) are expected to become the market target in the next 1-2 years, thanks to the vast orders of iPhones and the adoption of USB-C ports by accessories. ”

Anker New Nylon USB C to USB C Cable (6ft 60W, 2-Pack)


Bloomberg too reported On May 13, Apple is currently testing iPhones that charge via USB-C — the symmetrical charger we’re used to seeing on Mac laptops and iPads, as well as Androids and other non-Apple devices. Additionally, iPhone and Apple Watch wireless chargers also use USB-C cables, so it’s just a more consistent charging environment overall.

Overall, USB-C cables are used far more than Lightning cables when it comes to devices in general, and according to Bloomberg, the move is aimed at helping Apple align with European regulations that are due to come into force . They’re a little bigger than Lightning cables, but they’re also faster to charge and transfer data. Even better, it means that we only need one type of cable instead of searching in vain for the one that is always missing when we need it.

USB-C cable, Anker [2-Pack, 6 ft] USB A to Type C charging cable


According to Bloomberg, those of us who are behind with Lightning cables will be able to easily swap things out via an adapter that Apple is also working on right now. It is not known at this time if the adapter will be in the box with certain Apple prices or if it will be a separate purchase.

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