Apple Watch saves life of cyclist hit by van

The tech world often comes to the rescue in many ways when it comes to the automotive industry, and this time a 24-year-old biker from Singapore has realized the hard way how important the latest innovations in this industry are. . maybe for our lives.

Muhammad Fitri was riding his motorbike when a van slammed into him, leaving the man unconscious by the side of the road. The hit and run could easily have been a fatal accident, but luckily Fitri was wearing an Apple Watch, and as embarrassing as it might sound at first, it saved his life.

A feature called fall detection and available on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer can automatically determine that the wearer may have been involved in a severe fall, so the device displays an alert waiting for an entry to verify. current state of health.

If there is no response from the person wearing the Apple Watch, the device can automatically contact emergency services while notifying a contact previously configured on the iPhone.

In Fitri’s case, this little feature turned out to be a lifesaving tool, as the Apple Watch notified his girlfriend and also called an ambulance exactly at the crash site.

Local media reveal that the man was rushed to hospital, but no further details of the crash have been provided, so it is not clear whether the driver of the van has been located or no.

But the bottom line is that a simple device like a smartwatch can easily become a staple in some cases, all showing how important the world of tech is to all of us today, not just the little things. but also for critical tasks such as saving our lives.

For what it’s worth, Apple recently launched a new Apple Watch, with sales expected to begin later this month. Much like the previous models, the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $ 399, and the aforementioned drop detection is obviously also available.

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