Auto associations urge government to retire GO 5 & 6 – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

VIJAYAWADA: Demanding that the state government drop GOs 5 and 6 issued as part of a coordinated growth policy, the Automobile Technicians Association and its allied organizations held a rally and observed a bandh in Jawahar Autonagar and in the Kanuru Industrial Zone on Thursday.

Automobile Technical Association Chairman R Venkata Ramana Rao said that a few days ago, the state government rolled out the “Coordinated Growth Policy” to convert the Auto Nagars and Automobile Industrial Zones. APIIC industrial zones in residential and commercial land. Previously, in many cities, Autonagar was located in the suburbs, but now, due to the increase in population, they are now located in the heart of the city.

Steps should be taken by the government to withdraw GOs to convert industrial areas in cities into commercial land, he demanded. Rao further stated that in case the Auto Nagar is converted into commercial land, traders would have to pay 50% tax to the government.

He also clarified that they bought the land from the AutoNagar many years ago and did not get it for free. Andhra Pradesh Lorry Owners Association (APLOA) Secretary General YV Eswara Rao said the livelihoods of about one million people depended on Autonagar in Vijayawada and it was crucial for the development of the transport sector.

Regarding the Jawahar Autonagar, one of the largest in Asia, how can the government convert the industrial area into commercial land? Rao asked. Traders and small industries have to pay 50 percent tax to the government, which is a huge burden for them, he said.

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