Backed by early Zoom investors, Fathom launches with $4.7 million in seed funding

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fathom, the leading IA notary, today announced that its launch and $4.7 million in seed funding from a coalition of Zoom’s early investors (Maven Ventures, Bill Tai, Matt Ocko), Silicon Valley insiders (CEOs of Reddit, Twitch, Cruise, Mercury,, Snapdocs, Shogun), early-stage venture capital firms (Character, Active Capital, Global Founders Capital,, Soma Capital) and Zoom itself through its new Zoom Apps Fund.

Developed exclusively for the new Zoom App Marketplace, Fathom is currently the #1 app with over 70,000 users on the waitlist. It is already ranked as a High Performer on the G2 review site with a 4.9 rating and was recently selected as Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Founded in 2020 and a member of Y Combinator (Winter ’21), Fathom was created to eliminate the need for time-consuming and distracting note-taking on work calls. The free Fathom app allows individuals and teams to effortlessly record, transcribe and annotate Zoom calls on the fly and generate a comprehensive summary of key information, notes and action items that can be automatically shared across CRM platforms and Slack channels. With Fathom, teams can engage people who aren’t online, enabling real-time collaboration. For example, Fathom can route a video clip of a customer’s technical question to a technical resource who is not online at the time of the call, saving time and resources.

“We envision a future not only free from the annoyance of note-taking, but where teams, especially hybrid and remote teams, can have unprecedented visibility into what customers are saying, even when they’re saying it. “said Richard White, CEO and Founder of Fathom.

“Zoom has already transformed our lives and the way we do business – now that we live on video, the need and opportunity for Fathom is clear. The Fathom team is incredibly strong and experienced, and they are solving a key problem that Zoom customers face daily and will change the way people experience business calls for the better. Being one of the first deeply integrated Zoom apps opens the door to massive growth,” said Jim Scheinman, Zoom’s first investor. and Founding Managing Partner at Maven Ventures.

While anyone using Zoom can benefit from the app, the company has quickly carved out a niche for itself with powerful Zoom users in sales and customer success teams. Through its integrations with leading CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot,, Fathom automates post-call data entry for these teams by creating auto-generated call summaries and syncing them with the correct records in their CRM .

“The best part about Fathom is that it converts a 30 or 45 minute meeting into an easily digestible summary without much effort or distraction. Best of all, the meeting summary and recording are automatically added to the CRM. At Close, we seek to partner with products and services that enable salespeople to be the most productive. Fathom and its Close integration have been a big hit with our team internally, and we look forward to partnering for the into the hands of as many of our customers as possible,” said Nick Persico, Director of Sales at Close.

And unlike other call recording solutions, the user has full control: all recordings created with Fathom are 100% private and can only be viewed if you share your recordings or highlight clips with others.

With the new capital, Fathom will expand its go-to-market team and launch new integrations with sales, customer success, and productivity tools.

About Fathom

San Francisco-based Fathom is the leading AI note taker for the Zoom app market. The company was founded in 2020 by Richard White and secured $4.7 million in seed funding. For more information, visit Fathom.



Character, Active Capital, Maven Ventures,, Global Founders Capital, Soma Capital, BoxOne Ventures, Quiet Capital, Immeasurable, Liquid2 Ventures, Valley Oak Investments, Hashtag Blessed,, Friale


Bill Tai (Zoom Angel Investor), Matt Ocko (Zoom Angel Investor), Oleg Rogynskyy (CEO,, Steve Huffman (CEO, Reddit), Emmett Shear (CEO, Twitch), Justin Kan (Co-Founder , Twitch), Kyle Vogt (CEO, Cruise), Daniel Kan (Co-Founder, Cruise), Finbarr Taylor (CEO, Shogun), Immad Akhund (CEO, Mercury), Viral Bajaria (Founder/CTO, 6sense), Parm Uppal (CRO, DataRobot), Aaron King (CEO, Snapdocs), Aaron Rankin (CTO, SproutSocial), Jay Jamison (CPO, Quick Base), Alex MacCaw (Founder, Clearbit), Arram Sabeti (Founder, ZeroCater), Josh Buckley ( former CEO, ProductHunt), Rich Liu (former COO Lattice), Chris Fanini (co-founder, Weebly), Nick Raushenbush (co-founder, Shogun), Jacob Rosenberg (co-founder, LendUp), Mikhail Seregine (co-founder , Outschool), Vikas Gupta (CEO, Wonder Workshop), Jinal Jhaveri (CEO,, Jeff Whitlock (Founder, Pingpong), Adam Michalski (CEO, Partner), Andrew Chen (Cofounder, Explo), Cedric Dussud ( co -founder,, Dwight Crow (co-founder, Wh, Jamie Quint (Uncommon Capital), Benjamin Bryant, Chris Evans, Jason Hunt, Maggie Gryko, Matthew Fong, Michael Keller, Nitin Shantharam, Shaan Puri, Leslie Lai, Zach Sherman, Zach Waterfield, Reza Hussein, Kutta Srinivasan, Jaclyn Kossmann, Eugene Zarakhovsky, Mujtaba Wani, Will Laufer, Eleanor Dorfman, Rustam Lalkaka

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