Best 2019 Debt Consolidation Loans, get more cash with our Funding!

Nowadays, more and more families rely on banks or financial agencies to apply for a loan, but how to apply for the best loans in 2019?

In fact, the statistics confirm that, in 2018, the loans requested by the Italians increased by 9.3% and the debt consolidation by 5.5%. According to ASSOFIN (Italian Consumer Credit and Real Estate Association), the Loans are requested for the purpose of buying used cars (18%). Next, we have funding for new vehicles (16%), home appliances and electronic devices (16%) and for renovations (15%). Another growing data is that for medical and dental expenses (12%), in the top floor, we have the percentages of loans obtaining liquidity to invest in the company (2%) and to finance the study of children (5%).

The latest data emerged, let us deduce that a large part of Italian families, in order to meet expenses, requires a loan.

What are the most requested loans in 2018?

Loans with the most requested purposes are:

  • Loan for used or new car purchases
  • Loan for the purchase of electronic devices
  • Loan for home renovation
  • Loan for medical treatment
  • Loan for marriage
  • Loan for studies

These forms of Loan help the client to get the required amount of money in a short time. Among the quickest loans, the Personal Loan certainly emerges, but it will be much more selective than a Cession of the Fifth.

What will be the best loans in 2019?

The best loans in 2019, due to the rates that will be further facilitated, may be the transfer of the fifth salary or pensioners INPS / INPDAP the assignment of the fifth pension. For the same reason, we also recommend mortgages, which have had a very low-interest rate for some years, to be verified and assessed only by the convenience of a fixed rate compared to a variable rate.

Recently, due to absurd expectations to liquidate TFR, banks have started using the TFS advance product. The advance TFS allows those who had just retired, a faster advance, in fact, it will be the bank itself to anticipate this fund, applying a rate that is usually around 5%.

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