Carorbis aims to become India’s No.1 trusted source for auto parts

Delhi-based automotive start-up-NCR carorbispronounced (Car-or-bis) is an online platform for purchasing car accessories and spare parts.

The automotive aftermarket industry is one of the least understood and least transparent industries in India. Auto parts information is either insufficient or unavailable. The unorganized sector alone accounts for approximately 52% of total secondary market sales.

A consumer also faces other problems:

  • High chance of buying counterfeit spare parts
  • Inconsistent prices
  • Lack of decent options in the market
  • Difficulty finding the right suppliers

Carorbis founder Rishab believes that purchasing parts and accessories for your vehicle can be made easily accessible and effortless. Its goal is to provide an online platform with excellent customer service, competitive prices and quality products. This idea led to the conceptualization of this company at the end of 2020.

Carorbis provides accurate and reliable information on automotive parts and accessories and helps people buy them more efficiently. They sell a wide range of authentic products from the best licensed merchants in India. They make this possible by maintaining strict quality control throughout their supply chain to ensure product authenticity.

how it started

While working on his MSc. project in the UK, Rishab discovered some of the extensive national repertoire of the auto parts industry. The country boasts of large centralized online stores selling millions of car accessories and parts, offering a wide range of items at affordable prices and fast door-to-door delivery. The market caters to a diverse clientele with these services.

In stark contrast to India, “where to scour Delhi’s Karol Bagh market for a spare part for my Honda City turned out to be an exercise in futility,” Rishab said.

Finding products online wasn’t easy either. There is a general lack of trust since you don’t want to put a counterfeit component on your car and risk long term damage. The lack of decent and trustworthy options in the market along with great business potential made Rishab start Carorbis.

Understand the business

In its early days, the Carorbis team faced a dilemma as to which business model to choose. After extensive market research, they discovered that there was a huge mismatch between supply and demand, resulting in a huge (potential) loss of revenue.

Rishab says, “I knew there were customers looking for certain products that they might not be able to find nearby and that a business might be selling that product somewhere else but had poor online visibility. Additionally, many small businesses lack the resources and expertise to effectively market and sell their products online. We have identified a trading opportunity where we could capitalize on this gap. At the same time, customers will be able to find the right products and sellers will increase their turnover.

They decided to create a technology platform that allows merchants to sell their products directly to buyers in the B2C segment. To ensure quality, price, and authenticity, they adhere to strict protocols when onboarding vendors. Companies selling counterfeit accessories or substandard products are not allowed to list their products on Carorbis. Sellers must also follow operational guidelines authorized by Carorbis to ensure the best customer service. Along with this, all the warehouses of the selling partners are also inspected by the Carorbis team.

How it works

Carorbis onboards merchants to their platform from all over India after a thorough review of their business history, products they sell, brand certifications and verification of all information provided. These traders include authorized resellers, importers, direct brands and manufacturers. Their team ensures that these vendors are well-equipped and provide only genuine products.

Once the seller’s request is approved, Carorbis’ team of experts helps them list all the products offered. They then have access to the Carorbis technology suite to perform all of the parts sales activity online. Sellers can access all details from the dashboard where they can process incoming orders, view notifications, withdraw balance payments, etc.

“Unlike other platforms, we make sure to take an active role with each seller partner to improve the quality of their listings, control their prices, promote good products and give healthy feedback to sellers, and in this process we create a positive feedback loop that helps us improve the quality of our products and services,” says Rishab.

He adds that they have partnered with over 30 sellers/brands, including companies such as Trip Machine Company, Polco Car Care and Mk Designs, and are constantly adding new seller partners to their platform.

The road to follow

Rishab says, “The Indian automotive aftermarket has yet to mature enough compared to our Western counterparts. But it is set to grow at a higher rate over the next 5-7 years due to a steady increase in purchasing power, higher intensity of vehicle use, knowledge increase in consumers and the growing adoption of online first consumption.

For Carorbis, the way forward is to meticulously and consistently onboard quality suppliers to expand our catalog of automotive accessories and parts. “We are constantly working to improve our technology while introducing new features to provide a seamless experience for our sellers and customers.” added Rishab.

But we won’t stop there, says Rishab. Our goal is to eliminate reliance on multiple channels such as machine shops, independent garages, stores and unauthorized dealers, for the purchase of automotive accessories and parts and to give customers a single platform with excellent customer service, competitive prices and quality products.

Disclaimer: This is a company statement. No HT journalists are involved in the creation of this content.

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