Check out this Land Rover Defender Dually Render designed for towing

What we have here is another rendering of the prolific digital artisan otherwise known as JLord8 on Instagram – and that’s just one land rover Defender, but he has a split personality.

Or should we say, a ‘two-wheeled personality’, as it continues the series of artists’ works concerning ‘dual’ versions of cars, trucks and SUV.

The sky is the limit when it comes to custom renderings, although there must be a story to tell: let’s see where that story begins.

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The JLord8 Custom Land Rover Defender is doubly present

At the beginning of this story is a Land Rover Defender, one of the new versions (L663) whose production began in 2020 by the Jaguar-Land Rover group.

This car is a modern, capable SUV with real off-road capabilities and kudos, but it can also deliver surprising comfort and refinement on the road.

What it doesn’t have is a cheap, factory-or-worker version that you can throw a lawnmower or three in the back.

One that could sustain heavy amounts of wear and tear day in and day out from tools, boots, and rubble.

While we’re at it, there could be a dual version with real towing capacity and unbeatable traction, like a Ford F-350, which is probably how JLord8 came up with this Land Rover Defender Dually concept.

The double we have here is a single-cab design, with a box-shaped cabin that gives way to a long bed and the two visible twin rear wheels, extending outward in widebody style.

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A custom Land Rover Defender pickup with a real purpose

It’s black and the cab roof is in white, the flared rear wheel arches look muscular and dare we say – awesome – with the modern Defender’s signature grille and lights up front.

Rugged yet high-end SUVs and trucks are all the rage because people favor the idea of ​​large vehicles that can haul anything and go anywhere in style and comfort.

What better way to haul your lifestyle accessories and gear than with this truck that could also tow a jet ski, quad or caravan at the same time.

Under the hood of this beast could be the engine of a Ford F-150 Raptor R, the supercharged 5.2-liter V8 developing 700 hp.

JLord8’s other double run renders also work well, proving that the super-durable double formula shows potential; this one might be a little unexpected, but the Defender’s pretty face looks surprisingly natural with a heavy truck in the back.

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