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The advantages of prepaid credit cards in Italy

Businesses operating in the banking and financial sector have learned for years, not just in Italy to use the concepts of emotions and practicality to boost their profits The most effective products often are tied to the desires of the client to consider the future, be able to have everything readily available and most importantly to be able to relax that was not there before.

iffy credit consolidation can be done in conjunction with or without loans. It’s a cost-effective economical method to control credit card debt with a debt management plan or credit card for debt consolidation or a settlement programs.

If you’re unable to pay more than minimum monthly payments on your credit card bill each month A debt consolidation program is an excellent option to take control of your financial situation.

It’s not a surprise it is therefore not surprising if there was a rise in proposals for market for prepaid cards, and particularly over the past three years or as a result of a sector that was dominated by Poste Italiane, today there are around thirty options for people of all ages, with different fees and access conditions and all with one thing in common which is that they allow you to keep smaller or more amounts of money in what’s an online wallet.

The various types of prepaid card

In essence, we can discuss the use of prepaid cards that are not legitimate or owned by you:

A “prepaid” credit card can be “improper” when the amount of credit it holds (freely chosen by the consumer) has been exhausted, the card can no longer be used.

There is a credit card that is not tied to the current bank account (main or secondary account that this has been linked to) of the person who uses it.

A more sophisticated type of account is able to be linked to the current account and due to these features, even though it’s prepaid, like the first one, it’s going to have higher prices.

The benefits

Based on these principles the prepaid card could be used for household expenditures or to pay for bills to purchase online without impacting your current account, and without being exposed, for those who are concerned about this type of event, to frauds on computers in the event purchase online.

What do banks profit from?

The process of opening prepaid cards is often provided for free by the bank. This helps to convince the client to try these product. There are companies that are distinct from banks, like Trenitalia as well as NTV (Italotreno) and NTV (Italotreno), which provide a free prepaid card to customers who sign up to join its loyalty programs.

In addition, there are charges to replenish an account that can be recharged with the amount of money that has been used up and annual charges for rechargeable cards that have advanced features. It is from these expenses that banks make.

The most intriguing prepay cards that are available in Italy

Widiba: the top-up service offered from Monte dei Paschi. Monte dei Paschi group is part of the Visa Electron circuit, allowing withdrawals of up 250 euros, without charges and up to 10000 euros in storage. There is a per-year fee that is 10 euro.

Hype/Hype Plus: two distinct Banca Sella products, which are the most popular due to their numerous features. In reality, it permits users, with the Plus version the possibility of up to 50 000 euros in annual storage. The fees for withdrawal are non-existent (but it is only available within Italy). The plus version can allow as much as 1000 euro in daily withdrawal. It is part of the MasterCard circuit.

Webank Carta Jeans : up to 2500 euros in storage space for this card with no cost, loved by children who are able to access it while they are children, as long as one parent is the garantee. The only drawback is 0.50 cents of commission for each withdrawal.

N26: A slightly more well-organized product from this German bank which is experiencing good results in Italy with the message of modernity The maximum amount of storage costs are completely free If the balance is higher , you will have to pay an annual cost of 34,20 euros. You will also receive an prepaid card, the option of making transfers for free and an app you can control your bank account. The withdrawal process is completely free within Italy.

Soldo is available in the Business, Family, or Personal version. It comes with a family or personal use the cost for a month of two euros and a price of 5 euros for the contactless card. The cost is zero for those who make use of the card in virtual mode using a card number that is generated online, and able to be used in a single transaction through the app that is specifically designed for. The system is Mastercard and the charges for withdrawal are 1 euro, and the cost of reloading ranging from 0.50 euro up to the amount of money if the transaction is made using credit card.

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