Fairley & Stevens Ford Owners Acquire Online Leasing Company Canada Car Loans


Fairley & Stevens Ford Owners Acquire Finance Company Canada Car Loans

DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, Aug 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Canada Car Loans Inc. (CCL) after the completion of due diligence, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be 100% repurchased by Fairley & Stevens Ford owners John and Ben Smith. Communication plans are complete and acquisition announcements are underway. The preliminary list of key talents within Canada Car Loans is underway. Phase 1 action plans have been reviewed and distributed. The Integration Committee within Canada Car Loans has met regularly for several weeks with Ben Smith representing Fairley and Stevens Ford as Managing Partner.

Canada Car Loans is proud to be a brand built on consumer confidence. In keeping with its vision and mission, CCL strives every day to earn the trust of consumers, a founding principle that has helped shape its success. CCL has worked with over 250,000 clients to process over 250,000 loan applications since 2011. In its 12 years in business, the company has conducted its business without any complaints.

Clowes is described by AR Canada as someone who helped shape the market and without his contributions the automotive remarketing industry would not have grown into the massive and successful market it is today.

Craig Clowes, Founder and CEO of Canada Car Loans, said, “The decision to sell is important to our customers. We firmly believe that this change of ownership is a natural next step for Canada Auto Loans and is in the best interests of our clients. The strategic intention is strong and the synergy is tangible. The transition is fluid with the principles of the company. The Smiths have been in the auto industry for over three decades, have current partnerships with virtually all lenders, and have access to virtually all makes and models. They have an excellent reputation for providing top notch customer service. I am confident that under the leadership of Mr. Ben Smith, with their current assets, relationships, products and services, people and experience; they will be able to manage our customers with the highest level of customer service, which should ensure a better shopping experience for our customers.

In a statement to CCL employees, Craig Clowes addressed the question “What next?” Question and several other concerns. Mr Clowes said: “Our work will continue as it was yesterday. Right now, take a brief moment and be proud that your hard work and diligence made this important step possible. It takes more than hard work to get to where we are. Very few companies achieve the level of success that we have. On a personal note, as I said in our meetings, I love working with you and I’m proud of you. If any of you are wondering, I’m not going anywhere and look forward to continuing to work with each of you over the next few months during the transition. It will be a collaborative process; like most other things are here. You will continue to receive more logistics details in due course. Please do not hesitate to direct any other questions or concerns to HR.

Ben Smith commented: “Acquiring auto loans in Canada represents the next phase of growth for our family of family businesses. We could not be happier with the continued growth of Auto Loans Canada and we look forward to taking Mr. Craig Clowes’ vision to new heights.
About Canadian Auto Loans

Canada Car Loans is a private, online car rental company started by Founder and CEO Craig Clowes on 3/3/2009 and incorporated on 3/17/2011 with a Better Business Bureaus (BBB) ​​file opened on 7 / 10/2011. As part of CCL’s vision and mission, the company views its commitment to the highest standards as paramount, which helps it hire dedicated and dedicated staff who provide unparalleled service and attract a base of loyal fans.

For more information, please contact:

Ben smith
Fairley & Stevens Ford
+1 902-463-1220
[email protected]


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