Far Cry 6: All Car Locations

For Far Cry 6 fans who want to roam the island in style, here’s how to get all of the different vehicles in the game.

Far Cry 6 vehicle locations

One of the best parts of Far cry 6 explores all the hidden details the developers have put on Yara Island. However, since the Far cry 6 The open world map is quite large, players will need fast and reliable transportation to get around.

There is the possibility of using the horses in Far cry 6, but there are times when something faster may be needed. This is where cars come in. Cars are not only a useful form of transportation, but can be used to fight enemies that roam the map.

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There are four different rides on the island, each with their own requirements to get them. So for Far cry 6 fans looking to tour the island in style, here’s how to unlock all vehicles.

1956 Beaumont Valentina

Far Cry 6 Beaumont Valentina Location

The first car players will have access to is the Beaumont Valentina. It will be part of Rank 4 “Fuel the Revolution” Far cry 6 mission in Isla Santuario, more precisely in Quito. After completing the mission and killing Rosario, players will be rewarded with the vehicle as well as some accessories.

2008 KAG TG

Far Cry 6 KAG TG location

The KAG TG is a reward for completing Yaran’s “Backseat Driver” story mission. It can be cast in Madrugada, more specifically in Costa Del Mar. It is recommended that players be at least rank 15 before attempting this quest. The KAG TG comes equipped with a top-mounted pistol, perfect for players who like to take out enemies while roaming the streets.

1962 Verrazzano Bravo

Far Cry 6 Verrazzano Bravo car location

The Verrazzano Bravo is one of the awards for completing the Gran Premio race in Valle De Oro. The ride, also known as the “Unlicensed Taxi Tour” mission, takes place in the Cruz Del Salvador section of the map. After winning the race, paddlers should receive a call from Yami and a notification that the vehicle is ready for use. The Verrazzano Bravo is a sleek racing car that’s perfect for players who want to get to where they need to be fast.

1985 Tokai Sabuku

Far Cry 6 1985 Tokai Sabuku Location

Finally, this car can be found in the open world in the FND storage building in La Joya, specifically in the northern part of Catalina Ridge. Players will need to get into the construction vehicle and jump into the opening on the side of the building. After rummaging through the boxes, the truck will end up at the bottom of the stairs. The Tokai Sabuku is a truck with another cannon mounted, perfect for combat Far cry 6 the enemy appears in off-road locations.

Far cry 6 is out now on Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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