Fuel saving tips: Drivers are advised to avoid a specific car function to save gasoline and diesel

As temperatures slowly drop, drivers will be more likely to turn to heated seats and steering wheels. While it may provide convenience, drivers’ wallets could be negatively affected by the accessory. With this in mind, motorists have been urged to limit the use of heated seats and steering wheels to save money.

John Wilmot, CEO of car leasing comparison website RentalLocotold Experss.co.uk: “Although the cost of a liter of fuel has come down a bit from recent highs, millions of UK families are still feeling it in their pockets.

“Most of us can’t do without a car, especially with children returning to school after the summer holidays and parents who have to run to school every day.

“With fuel costs expected to remain high for some time to come, it’s worth considering how we can adapt our driving, and how often we drive, to get the most out of that liter of fuel.”

Speaking of car accessories, Mr Wilmot told motorists to ‘relax’, adding: ‘If you have a car with heated seats and a heated steering wheel, it’s understandable to want to turn them on when you first get in. .

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Mr Wilmot said: Drivers who spread the cost of their car insurance will pay more than someone who pays up front because when you pay monthly you are actually taking out a loan from the insurer and paying interest on it .

“The same goes for your road tax – which can be paid annually, monthly or every six months. Paying monthly will cost more over the whole year.”

Check your car

Motorists have been told by the expert that it is worth checking the car now to ensure it is ready for the more wintry conditions of the months to come.

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Drivers should therefore avoid driving fast when getting into the car, as they waste fuel and also wear out the engine faster.


Speaking of de-icing, Mr Wilmot said: “If you find your car freezing in the morning, use an ice scraper or de-icing spray rather than leaving your car running and relying on the heater to melt the ice.

“Also, use a scraper to remove ice from the windshield rather than using the wipers, which will wear them out faster and may even tear them.”

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