Go Rentals announces new hires and promotions – Rental operations


In August 2020, Go Rentals won a customer service award (the team is pictured here). Now they have added more staff to the team.

Photo courtesy of Go Rentals.

Go Rentals, a car rental company specializing in the private aviation industry and serving fine hotels and resorts, has hired two and promoted two people in its business development, film, human resources and aviation.

New Employee: Craig Anderson, Vice President of Rental Car Revenue

Go Rentals strengthens its business development strategy by welcoming Anderson, as it focuses on the business side of car rental and improving the customer experience. With over 25 years of experience with a large national car rental company in various states, Anderson brings a unique perspective on Go Rentals’ position in the rental car landscape.

“Go Rentals is one of the best kept transportation secrets in the country,” Anderson said. “Creating visibility will allow our individual branches to run large businesses. My goal is to help grow the Go Rentals brand so that we are nationally recognized as the best elite car rental company in In the next few years, we will work to evolve the company in terms of branches without changing its people-centered culture. ”

As Vice President, Anderson will help the company focus on greater efficiency in its branches so the company can build national relationships and grow outside of FBOs to create new revenue streams while maximizing those that already exist. In addition, he will manage the figures and logistics relating to tariffs, national market share and fleet use efficiency.

New recruit: Catherine Kaminski, director of film and studio

With extensive experience in the rental car industry and a focus on entertainment, Kaminski’s primary focus in his role will be to facilitate the car rental needs of the cast and crew for travel or events. specific vehicles required for production during on-site filming. She also plans to expand the division nationwide and hire more employees to meet the needs of a large, demanding customer market.

By hiring Kaminski as a dedicated leader in leading the film industry and specialty studios, Go Rentals has increased its ability to provide highly personalized service and hospitality to its customers. Kaminski has demonstrated expertise in the intersection of industry with entertainment, and she has strong relationships with many key players in the film industry, studios and production.

“I am very grateful to Go Rentals for their ability to confidently provide my clients with top notch service as well as premium vehicles with unparalleled selection and hospitality,” said Kaminski. “I look forward to growing and contributing to the growth of Go Rentals in the years to come. “

Promoted: Colleen Jones, Vice President of Human Resources

Previously as Director of Human Resources, and now as Director, Jones brings to her new role extensive knowledge in human resources and recruiting. This, added to running her own business, makes her an expert on the service culture and growth trajectory of Go Rentals. Jones has built a team around her and expanded Go Rental’s HR department, which now includes a talent acquisition manager, recruiters, employee relations, payroll and benefits specialists.

“My goal is to extend support to our field by providing top-notch HR services, including diversity and inclusion measures, for all internal employees,” says Jones. “I am working to increase the technological prowess of Go Rentals in HR, so we can double our workforce while providing quality services. I want to foster relationships in which our employees feel comfortable speaking with their HR representatives.

Promoted: Trissy Pickett, Vice President of Aviation Development

Previously director of aeronautical development, Pickett will now help Go Rentals to empower its aeronautical development team. She has been a part of the general aviation community for over 22 years, almost eight of them with Go Rentals.

“My new title of Vice President of Aviation Development opens the door to new opportunities by giving me more independence and flexibility to make key decisions,” said Pickett. “I am delighted to continue to build new relationships for Go Rentals while focusing more on providing high quality and tailor-made service within our existing relationships.”

In addition to serving as the primary liaison with the National Business Aviation Association and fixed base operators across the country, Pickett will continue to train Go Rentals internal marketing and sales teams to increase market share in the industry. car rental.


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