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Rise in car thefts Irk Police

By Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has expressed concern over the increase in car thefts across the country.

Police made the remarks on their Twitter account. They said several vehicles have reportedly been stolen across the country in recent weeks.

On the first of this month, Hwange Police recorded a case of theft of a white Toyota Hilux Revo vehicle registration number AFF 8145 from Sino Hydro, Hwange.

Police say the vehicle was stolen by someone posing as a company employee.

“The culprit has not yet been identified,” police said.

In a related case, on a Saturday this month at 11pm, a motorist (35) lost his Toyota Runx ACN 6920 vehicle to an unknown suspect after parking the vehicle alongside the road to relieve himself while the engine was running near Pamuzinda, Harare.

In most cases, male motorists have been robbed while parked while owners defecate, putting many at risk of carjacking or theft.

In another similar incident, police say a Harare man (37) recently lost a white Nissan Tiida AFB 1746 vehicle after it parked alongside the road for recreation along Tynwald Drive.

An unidentified passenger whom the owner of the vehicle had picked up along the Harare-Bulawayo road jumped from the driver’s side and drove off.

They also said recently that a Harare man (39) lost a silver Corolla Crystallite AEP 9435 vehicle after leaving it parked at a hair salon in Mbare with the keys in the ignition.

Police said they later recovered the vehicle from George Stark High School with missing car accessories, including a car stereo, speakers, battery and a Samsung cell phone.

Last month, police on their Twitter page confirmed the car theft which occurred on March 15 at around 1pm in Bulawayo CBD.

Police said they were investigating a case of motor vehicle theft which occurred in Bulawayo on March 15 at around 1 p.m.

“The Complainant parked and locked the doors of her gray Toyota Wish vehicle (AEW 6351) along Jason Moyo between 10th and 11th Avenue while driving towards a bank. She returned after about an hour to find the vehicle had been stolen,” police said.

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