Kidnapping suspect Christian Borg’s company wins LESA tender

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Princess Operations, owned by alleged kidnapper Christian Borg, has won a tender for 24 vehicles from the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA).

Borg, currently facing legal proceedings with four others over the alleged kidnapping of a man in Rabat, owns several companies, including No Deposit Cars Malta Ltd, Zing Cabs Ltd, Zing Rental Ltd, Princess Holdings Ltd, Princess Operations Ltd and Princess Construction Ltd. .

He is also the subject of a police investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering rackets.

According to the official newspaper, Princess Operations Ltd won the €108,405 tender for vehicle hire from LESA on January 18, 2022, weeks before Borg was arrested in connection with the kidnapping case. .

It was the latest in a series of government contracts awarded to Borg companies, which include a tender for 41 vehicles by Transport Malta in April this year. Borg was also set to win a lucrative €2.5 million contract which would see Princess Operations Ltd lease cars from the Court Services Agency.

Three weeks ago, a car leasing company filed a legal complaint challenging the award of a tender by Transport Malta to Princess Operations.

Davico Ltd, has lodged a legal complaint against Transport Malta, Director of Contracts and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, in which he argues that Borg’s company should never have won the tender for the supply of 41 vehicles.

Alleged kidnapper’s company secures €248,000 tender

LESA Racketeering Allegations

Additionally, Borg’s ties to the Labor Party and his ties to Prime Minister Robert Abela after he was involved in a property deal have come to light in recent months.

In February 2022, Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi said Princess Operations had won a major tender during an adjournment speech in Parliament. The outspoken Azzopardi had also claimed that officials from LESA and Transport Malta had conspired with Borg over a racket in which up to €3 million in fines linked to Borg rental companies were overturned.

In the run-up to the March 2022 general election, Prime Minister Robert Abela denied any wrongdoing after serving as one of Borg’s legal advisers, even appearing on an assignment of property rights in a deal that had been criticized by the opposition.

Just before the election was called, it was revealed that Abela had been involved in a real estate deal with Borg, from which he pocketed €45,000.

Contracts and deeds show that in June 2018, when Abela was a Labor backbench MP, he entered into a contract to buy a field in Żabbar, to transfer his stake to car dealer and alleged kidnapper Christian Borg a few months later.

Abela earned €45,000 from a real estate deal with a suspected criminal

At the time of the agreement, Abela, a lawyer by profession, was providing legal advice to both the Planning Authority and Borg. The Żabbar real estate deal has been flagged as suspicious by tax avoidance experts specializing in loopholes in the real estate market.

The Financial Crimes Investigation Department is also believed to be in possession of a taped phone conversation where Borg tells an accomplice “Don’t worry, we have Bobby behind us”, in what is interpreted as a reference to the prime minister.

Princess Operations was originally registered in May 2018, but Borg resigned as the company’s director after being charged in court, handing it over to former Labor Party photographer Joseph Camenzuli.

During the court proceedings in the kidnapping case, Camenzuli offered to act as a third-party guarantor for Borg in the event of bail, saying he had known him for five years and could afford guarantor of him.

Borg’s company accumulates a debt of 22 million euros

At 29, Borg is extremely wealthy, owning several businesses, luxury cars, and a number of exotic animals, including lions, a puma, a panther, and a crocodile. However, one of his companies racked up €22 million in cumulative losses and fully backed by shareholder loans over a five-year period.

It was also revealed that former Revenue Commissioner Marvin Gaerty flew to Las Vegas in 2018 with Borg and Tyson Grech, one of the other men charged with the kidnapping and assault of a man in Rabat.

The trip to Las Vegas came just under two months after Borg was called in by the tax compliance unit for an audit of his company Princess Holdings.

At that time, Borg and Grech were running their car rental business and dealership, but had yet to submit a single set of their annual accounts for Princess Holdings and No Deposit Cars. Accounts filed in January 2022 show Princess Holdings racked up €22 million in cumulative losses.


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