Land Rover’s TReK Tour, where new defenders and competitors are put to the test

One stop required teams to use the Hi-Lift jack, recovery strap, and chains to pull the Defender uphill two full lengths of the car. It was sweaty and difficult and tedious at times, and we swapped who sat in the SUV to operate the brake and who would jack up and reset the chains. At first, as I got out of the Defender while it was parked on the hill, I didn’t pay enough attention to the weight of the door. As it clicked on my left thumb I tried to play it cool but was a little afraid I broke it. Luckily it didn’t break the skin and no bones were sticking out, so I grabbed a cold water bottle and held it until it was my turn to crank it up. A week later, it’s still a bit steep but I notice it with tenderness, a trophy injury of the challenge.

Other obstacles were put in place for precision like hitching and towing a trailer through a tight set of cones and the crystal-clear rear view camera was key. Scott and Kristin spotted me on my lap, which I took with just one penalty. When it was Scott’s turn to drive, he sped through the cones at an impressive speed. Another station consisted of a grid of posts set up for a specific pattern requiring 3 and 5 point turns in a tight space. By the time we finished this one, we had won the breakfast sandwiches that the Land Rover team had hidden under the engine hood to keep warm.

My favorite (and most physically difficult) challenge required us to build a bridge. While lifting a set of heavy planks, we discovered pieces of the Land Rover logo that needed to be placed between locked sections. The coordinator of this station told us that we have to use all the boards provided and that we have come to the last ones. , we couldn’t make them hold. Finally, we had the idea to tent two rows of boards, then to drop them by jumping on them to install them. After driving the Defender to our new bridge, we had to go back and dismantle the structure we had just built. .

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