Local bike shop sees sales soar amid rising gas prices

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – More and more people are traveling on two wheels instead of four.

According to bicycling.com, in 2021 people bought 200,000 more e-bikes than e-cars.

The Shenandoah Bicycle Company said it has seen a huge increase in sales over the past two years.

“I think in this area we’ve seen an additional spike because it’s such a great place for outdoor recreation,” said Thomas Jenkins, co-owner of Shenandoah Bicycle Company.

Jenkins said for them that bike sales started to pick up at the start of the pandemic.

“Bike sales really boomed early on, especially kids sales and just sort of recreational bikes,” Jenkins said.

Another factor contributing to increased bicycle sales in the region, Jenkins says, is the addition of safe paths and transportation routes for cyclists.

“We continue to see an increase in bicycle transportation,” Jenkins said. “I think it’s double. First, the city continues to deliver projects like the Friendly City Trail. It has really helped to open up transportation and leisure options for bicycles, and e-bikes have also helped people overcome obstacles.

The supply chain shortage has put a strain on people looking to buy a car, and gas prices have risen over the past two years, which Jenkins says has led more people to travel to bicycle rather than by car if possible.

“With petrol prices getting really high here recently people have definitely been looking at using bikes more for transportation and not only is a saving there but there is also a huge health benefit” , Jenkins said.

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