McLaren and BMW could co-develop an electric supercar and crossover

BMW and McLaren are reportedly embarking on an ambitious joint project that could see them launch an electric supercar and a high-performance electric crossover.

Reports of BMW and McLaren rekindling their relationship have been swirling for many years now and at one point it was suggested that BMW could buy McLaren Automotive. It is now understood that a partnership between the two automakers could see McLaren launch an electric supercar to rival Audi’s future electric Model R and two electric sports cars from Mercedes-AMG. Meanwhile, BMW could launch an electric crossover acting as its performance flagship.

car magazine claims the two vehicles would share the same platform which relies heavily on carbon fiber, something McLaren has become adept at. It’s claimed the McLaren could be fitted with four electric motors and pump out up to 1,088bhp, likely establishing itself as the fastest production car the British automaker has ever made.

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As mentioned, the BMW model would take on a different form as automakers don’t like the idea of ​​building two of the same vehicles with different badging. As such, the BMW could take the form of a middle ground between the current 8 Series Gran Coupe and a traditional SUV while sporting a Porsche Taycan-like seating position. It’s unclear whether the BMW model would share its electric motors with the McLaren supercar.

Talk with car magazinean unnamed BMW source has explained what’s in it for the German automaker.

“McLaren is faster, lighter, more flexible, willing and able to take bigger risks,” said the engineer. “They do small production runs at costs we can only dream of. But their main asset is of course the carbon fiber know-how.

Few other details are known about the project at this stage, but it is reported that we could see the result between 2026 and 2028.

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