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Ellie Austin-Williams founded This Girl Talks Money, a blog and financial platform where she shares her informative ideas. She told how she was saving £ 50 “effortlessly”. She also hosts the Money Unfiltered podcast.

Ellie uses certain apps during daily transactions such as shopping or buying lunch.

Savings apps round up the change, which is saved in a pot.

Ellie told “I take a step back from Monzo or Starling every now and then because I consider it a little treat.

“I won’t be going into these accounts regularly for a few months and then I’ll go in and see and they’ll be £ 40 or £ 50, which is about when I tend to take a part of it.

“It’s without any effort or attention, just shopping at the supermarket or going to Pret, these roundups quickly become a decent amount.”

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She continued, “I am a huge fan of using apps.

“There are many applications that make it very easy to record.

“My favorite is the roundup tool that a lot of them have. Personally, I use Monzo.

“Anytime I spend an amount that isn’t a whole number it rounds up and puts the difference in another port for you and it’s magic how much you can save without realizing it.

There are also some really good apps like Plum and Chip which record automatically.

“They’re going to analyze your bank accounts and your spending and they’re just going to take money out of your checking account and put it in a savings pot, based on what they think you can afford to save and I think it’s great.

“Again, they simplify the economy and make it very simple.

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Tips for saving money


“I think you can also the savings challenges are really helpful,” Ellie said.

“Most of the time I think having a little challenge can motivate you to focus on saving, even for a short period of time, but what I would always say is try not to see saving as a chore.

“Find out how you can make it part of your everyday life in a really manageable way. “

Savings challenges include challenges like the 52 Week Money Challenge, where participants save £ 1 in week 1, £ 2 in week 2, and more.

In total, participants can save £ 1,378 in one year.

Pay yourself first

Ellie said: “And the other important thing is if you’re trying to save a big amount. Save when you get paid so securely.

“Pay yourself first,” say many people, “figure out what you can afford to save and do this month of stocks because then you don’t have to try to make sure you have money left over. money at the end of the month to save because there is a good chance you will run out of it.

“Put your money aside first, then you can relax and know you’ve saved for the month. “

Ellie also detailed how much people are expected to save on their monthly paycheck.

She said: “What I would say as a starting point is, if you can, aim to set aside 10-20% of your income for your future.

“So in a savings and / or investments account, it doesn’t matter what that sounds like to you.

“If you have more, of course, the more you can set aside for the future, the better.”

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