Murray’s children save mother’s life in emergency medical situation

MURRAY, Utah – Murray City firefighters on Thursday celebrate Jaylianna Glines and her baby brother, Jude, after saving their mother’s life in a frightening medical situation.

“It’s amazing. The best thing in the whole world,” Jaylianna said.

As a COVID-19 long haul, Jami Grove needs oxygen around the clock. On December 11, she pulled that oxygen out – just a minute – to put a blanket in the washer.

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“I knew something was wrong,” Jami said. “I collapsed. The next thing I remember is turning around with my oxygen on and my two little ones, five and seven, were crying.”

Terrified, Jaylianna saw her mother fall unconscious. Still, she didn’t panic.

“I got down the stairs as fast as I could and got my mom’s oxygen tank. We have a side door and I moved it over there, plugged it in and ran. as fast as possible with oxygen, ”Jaylianna said.

Jude, 5, even put a pulse oximeter on Jami’s finger. These were actions the children had never learned. However, they’ve seen their mother’s boyfriend, a paramedic from Murray, do it countless times before. Jami’s oxygen level has dropped to 71%. They used his phone to call for help.

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“It was bad,” Jami said. “That’s why I was, again, really scared to think about what might have happened if they hadn’t been there.”

“I saved her,” Jaylianna said.

The alertness of the children under pressure prevented their mothers from going to the hospital. Actions that earn their new rank as official junior firefighters at Murray City.

“I’m very impressed with two kids only five and seven so I can figure out what’s going on. And to get to that, they needed to oxygenate their mother, ”Murray City Fire Chief Jon Harris said.

“These are my real superheroes. I believe they saved me,” Jami said.

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