New York Uber driver flees car and rushes into burning building to save people

  • Uber driver Fritz Sam ran into a burning building on Wednesday to get people out, CBS reported.
  • At the time of the fire, he was driving a passenger to the airport.
  • But he suddenly stopped his car and ran inside when he noticed the fire.

A New York Uber driver saw a fire in a Brooklyn building while driving a passenger and jumped out of his car to help, CBS reported.

The driver, Fritz Sam, pulled over – with the passenger still inside – and ran straight into the burning building on Wednesday.

“When I thought there might be someone inside that building, there was something inside of me that couldn’t hold back and I just had to go in,” Sam told CBS. .

The passenger who witnessed the heroic deed, Jemma Wei, was en route to LaGuardia Airport for a flight.

When she saw Sam jump out of the car, she started taking pictures of the burning building. Then she and bystanders started shouting to alert others to the fire.

“The fire was pretty scary, so it looked like it might explode,” Wei told CBS. “So I think he just thought it was very important to get everyone out. And it turns out that was a really good call because the tenant was still inside.”

When firefighters arrived, CBS reported, Sam was exiting the building with a tenant by his side.

“I’m not leaving you,” Sam told the resident.

Firefighters at the scene said there were no injuries. “I heard he managed to get two people out and I just thought that was so brave,” Wei told CBS.

Wei said in a tweet that she still managed to make her flight on time.

Uber saw the tweet and honored Sam on their account. A company statement called him a “heroic and thoughtful member of our community”.

“Today he went above and beyond to keep his neighbors safe in New York – and still managed to get his passenger to the airport on time,” he said.

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