Nintendo Switch’s new audio options cause major problems for gamers

Nintendo is updating the Nintendo Switch to allow more pairing of audio devices, but fans are experiencing several pairing issues.


A recent update of the Nintendo Switch opened up the possibilities of audio devices that fans associate with the hybrid platform. Due to the fact that this is a recent change, many Nintendo Switch fans are having trouble pairing their audio devices.

Reddit user Rossmark recently posted an image of his Nintendo Switch experiencing an error while pairing a new audio device with the console. Rossmark said audio devices that had previously been paired suddenly failed to be recognized and had to pair again. The Nintendo Switch owner also noted that on two different occasions they got a black screen, which forced a reset and closed the open app.

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The error code that Rossmark and many other Nintendo Switch owners come across is 2168-0002 and he recommends people go to Nintendo’s error support page. Nintendo Switch fans who have gone through the official steps have not found a solution to this audio issue. Rossmark and other Reddit users have noted that the audio issue may be related to the JBL Tune 500BT, and other fans have taken over to troubleshoot to resolve the issue themselves.

Since Rossmark encountered a bug that forced a hard reset of the console, the Reddit user also noted that players should save their in-game progress before connecting new audio devices. Some titles on the platform are known to offer autosave, but others will require players to manually save the game themselves. It is currently unclear why these Switch units reset when they fail to pair with Bluetooth headsets.

Other Reddit users took to Rossmark’s recent post to note their own technical difficulties with audio devices on the Nintendo Switch. Several have had issues with Airpods, Jabra Biz 2400s, and Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2, while Nintendo Switch gamers may find their headphones are having issues as well. Even headsets that successfully pair with the Nintendo Switch are disconnected when the hybrid console goes into sleep mode.

Not only have these players encountered the same issue with different headsets, but they are also trying to pair them with different controllers. While some have encountered this issue with a Pro controller, others have encountered it with JoyCons. This problem seems to persist whether in docked or portable mode.

It took Nintendo several years to open up the Nintendo Switch to new audio devices via Bluetooth, and it looks like there are growing pains with the new changes. Considering that Nintendo just updated the Nintendo Switch to allow more audio devices, there are probably some bugs to be fixed, like the ones fans are encountering. It’s currently not clear if Nintendo is working on a fix for this audio issue, but Rossmark is among the many fans who are experiencing audio issues.

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