Peyton Sellers comes to Martinsville Speedway after celebrating a month full of championships | Car race

Honestly, I feel that the race is going to be the key for us this weekend. Yeah, it’s good to have some free time to catch your breath, put some new decals on the car, make them shine and that sort of thing, but right now I feel like racing every week is what has kept us sharp so far.

For us, it’s another race. We don’t see it as the biggest race of the year. We haven’t had three weeks to dream of Martinsville. We ran every week focusing on a national title. It’s just another race for us. I feel like we’re going to focus on the race, where a lot of these guys sat down and cranked up the intensity to get ready. For us, it’s just another day.

So, did you do anything different or more to prepare for this weekend? You’ve been so busy, have you even had time to do something extra to prepare yourself?

Sellers: This car we are racing this week is not the car we raced in Dominion last weekend. Last week we put on new brake discs, new pads, we reviewed the whole brake system, refreshed it. Our engine did a few laps of the race but I have the impression that it is in good shape at the moment. Basically, we just updated the brakes a little bit, put brake fans on, and it’s business for us.

Considering how much you’ve accomplished in your career so far, especially how much you’ve accomplished over the past three months, to finally get a victory in Martinsville, what would that mean for you? to finally win this race?

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