Room service arrives for suspected car thief: Orange Police Blotter


Official Business Training, Vehicle Theft, Auto Theft: Park Avenue, Orange Place

When police saw a man matching the description of a suspect who had broken into cars – and possibly stole a government-hired one – a detective approached the man from Bedford Heights, 32, near the Fairfield Inn, where he ran for the extended stay south.

Hotel staff said the suspect could stay in a room there, where police sighted several items missing from a vehicle, and closed the room until a search warrant was issued. can be obtained. A sweatshirt the suspect was wearing, along with a backpack containing 72 grams (over two ounces) of raw marijuana and numerous edible packs and pre-rolled glass tubes of cannabis were seized. The suspect was found in another hotel room, arrested and taken to Bedford Prison.

On September 28, a man from Cleveland Heights, 30, and a woman from Bedford, 28, reported on the night of September 28 that they had left the keys in a government-leased 2021 Toyota RAV4 they had parked near the Three Palms Pizzeria in Pinecrest and when they came back 25 minutes later they were gone.

Inside the car was a suitcase, a government job badge, jewelry valued at $ 5,000, and an iPad that was tracked by satellite to a hallway upstairs at the Extended Stay. South, where the stolen car was found, but most of the contents were missing, along with the keys. It was not clear from the follow-up report which of these items, if any, had been found in the suspect’s hotel room, and the investigation was continuing.

Theft: Park Avenue

The management of The Last Page restaurant in Pinecrest reported on the evening of October 3 that a man called to place an order for $ 108, and when they called him back to tell him the credit card had been declined, it was phone number was no longer in service. .

They prepared the order anyway, expecting to change the payment method when it arrived. Upon arrival, staff said they were pretending to be on the phone and then when the host walked away the suspect went behind the host’s booth and took the take out order without paying.

Execution of warrant, driving with suspension: Chagrin Boulevard

A patrol officer was alerted by investigative tools to a possible felony arrest warrant attached to a 2011 Toyota Avalon that was passing through the village around 10:30 a.m. on October 1. The car was seen heading west on Chagrin and the passenger, a man from Cleveland, 53, was arrested and later turned over to Cleveland Police.

The driver, a man from Cleveland, 56, was driving with a suspended license and taken to the police station for further questioning. A large set of bolt cutters found in the trunk has been highlighted.

Incorrect or fictitious license plates, interfering with official business: Brainard Road, Waterford Court

While stopped in traffic on Harvard Road near Orange Place on the afternoon of October 1, a patrol officer noticed the driver of a red 2008 Kia sedan with numerous equipment violations did not have his seat belt. A registration check then showed that the plates were for a blue 1998 Toyota.

During the ensuing traffic stop, the passenger, a 23-year-old Garfield Heights man, got out and fled. When asked why he did this, his girlfriend, a 22-year-old Beachwood woman, replied that it was because of the plates he had put on the car.

Shortly after, police received a call from Jersey Mike’s in Woodmere, where a man told staff he was fleeing from the police, but was gone by the time they arrived. Reached by phone the next day, he said he would come to the police station but never did, and other calls on October 3 went to voicemail.

Disturbance, disorderly conduct: Orange Place

Police responded to Extended Stay South around 9 a.m. on September 30, after staff heard a verbal argument and assumed a woman was choking when she said she couldn’t not breathe. Both occupants were gone when police arrived, although a Wendy’s hat and uniform were found in the closet. An official said the two were recently sacked.

One of them, a man from Euclid, 24, returned to the bedroom shortly after to collect his things and was questioned. He said there had been an argument that morning over toiletries and when the Cleveland woman, 18, pushed an air fryer off the counter, he held back his arms to calm her down, but never strangled her.

The woman was picked up from Yours Truly in Beachwood and told police she hyperventilated when she said she couldn’t breathe. Both were cited for disorderly conduct and ordered not to return to the hotel.

Money Order Served: Lander Road

Richmond Heights Police reported on the afternoon of September 29 that they had a 25-year-old Cleveland man in custody who had arrest warrants from Orange for suspended driving, speeding and carrying a concealed weapon. Custody was transferred and he was taken to Bedford Prison, where he was later released.

Property found: Harvard Road

A man came to the police station on October 2 with a Link Micro 4G Spy Point surveillance camera that someone had placed on property in the 27000 block of Harvard Road without permission. The surveillance camera was then turned over and placed in evidence.

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