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When Greta Jansen and Reggie Costict’s 2021 Kia Sorento rolled out of the Near East Side Madison car wash with bodily injury, Mister Car Wash was Mr. Accommodating.

“The car wash manager assessed the damage and took photos of the damage and gave us a claim number,” Jansen said. “We were told to get quotes on the damage and send the quotes back to the car wash.”

On February 18, a moose began “washing” a policeman’s car in Anchorage, Alaska.

Sadly, that kind of prelude to taking responsibility didn’t extend far beyond the long-standing car wash parking lot at 1039 E. Washington Ave., according to Jansen and Costict, and nearly a month longer. Later, Mr. Accommodating might as well have changed his name to Mr. Ignore and Delay.

Jansen said the Kia had dents and scratches all over it – apparently caused by a part that had come loose from the car in front of theirs and got stuck in the rollers of the car wash and other machinery. The repairs were expected to cost around $ 6,600, according to a pair of quotes the couple obtained from two local body shops and shared with the manager of Mister Car Wash on September 1.

“We were told that quotes would be sent to the company and that we should hear something in two to three business days,” Jansen said. After calling the company directly, they were also asked to email quotes with their claim number, which they did on September 3.

Ten days later the couple had heard nothing, so Jansen called the company and spoke to a ‘Sabrina’, who said that ‘the request was under consideration and we would hear something in two to three working days, ”Jansen said.

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