Stay safe when the clocks roll back on Saturday

NEW YORK (WWTI) – Tonight, the clocks will move back one hour to 2 a.m., allowing residents to gain an extra hour of sleep before waking up on Sunday. Change also comes with its dangers, according to AAA, as adjustment can disrupt the daily routine of motorists.

According to an AAA press release, earlier sunset and darkness can lead to an increase in the number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured by vehicles. The company suggested motorists and pedestrians take several precautions to stay safe after the daylight saving time change.

AAA advised drivers to turn on their headlights to make themselves more visible and to watch out for pedestrians when backing up in parking lots or driveways. They warned that the morning sun can make it difficult to see what a car is doing in front of you. To combat the problem, they encouraged drivers to leave more space between themselves and other cars, wear sunglasses, and use their sun visors.

The company also suggested that drivers watch out for children and others who are outside in the afternoon and evening after dark. They reminded drivers to give way to pedestrians in crosswalks and not to pass stopped vehicles at crosswalks. AAA also encouraged drivers to be careful and to eliminate all distractions, including cell phones and car clocks.

AAA has also advised motorists to check their headlights for signs of deterioration to make sure they are functioning properly. If residents notice yellowing or cloudiness in their headlights, the company suggests they replace or restore them on their own or at an auto garage.

The company has also published advice for pedestrians so that they can move around safely at any time of the day. They advised the predestined to only cross at intersections and crosswalks and to be vigilant when crossing. The AAA suggested pedestrians assess the distance and speed of oncoming traffic before exiting on the street, as well as wearing reflective clothing and a flashlight to stay visible and safe.

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