Tesla launches new home charger that works with all electric cars

Today, Tesla is launching a new home charger that comes with a J1772 plug, which works with all electric cars in North America, not just Tesla vehicles.

In recent times, Tesla seems to be putting a lot of effort into servicing electric vehicles beyond the ones it manufactures itself.

We just reported earlier today that Tesla has started opening the first Supercharger stations to electric vehicles produced by other automakers.

It’s a move that has been anticipated for some time, but now Tesla is doing something more surprising.

Today, the automaker launched a new Wall Connector, Tesla’s home charging station, but unlike its usual Wall Connector, it has a J1772 connector:

“Charge your EV at home with the J1772 Gen 2 Wall Connector, a convenient home charging solution for EV owners. Just plug in at night and charge while you sleep.

Delivering up to 9.6kW (40A) of output power for a single vehicle, the J1772 Gen 2 Wall Connector features a 24ft (7.3m) cable length, multiple power settings and interior design / versatile outdoor.

This is the first time that Tesla has sold a charger without its own proprietary connector in North America.

This charger is designed to work primarily with non-Tesla vehicles, although Tesla vehicles can still use it with an adapter.

Tesla always recommends owners of Tesla vehicles to use the standard Tesla Wall Connector:

“For Tesla vehicle owners, we recommend a wall connector for the most seamless home charging experience. J1772 Gen 2 wall connector requires adapter for Tesla vehicles.

At $ 415, it’s also a relatively inexpensive Level 2 charger, but it’s Tesla’s Gen 2 charger.

Unlike its latest Gen 3 charger, it doesn’t have WiFi connectivity.

Taking Electek

Tesla’s goal with this new product is unclear. There are already many Level 2 home charging options available for non-Tesla electric vehicles.

One thing I thought about is Tesla could produce them for its own destination charging network, which sometimes includes non-Tesla connectors.

Tesla has installed chargers from other companies at some of these sites.

It would make sense to use your own charger with just a J1772 connector.

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