The auto show replica has (surprisingly) decent builds

Replicas and kit cars are easy to look down on. They are generally a source of derision, and the dozens of poorly written versions circulating on the Internet only prove the stereotype. Still, that doesn’t stop people from appreciating these kinds of cars. There are even shows that celebrate these lines.

The most recent was the Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show in England. It was covered by Youtuber, AdamC3046 and it also sticks to the theme of the exhibition. He went there with his own Cobra replica, a Dax Tojeiro. In all fairness, Adam’s “Cobra” looks pretty well built. At the same time, there are a few rather “interesting” kit cars entering the living room. Some are hilarious, but others can fool the casual observer.

Yes, there are a lot of faux-rarris and other Toyota MR-2 based creations, but some were really impressive. You only know it’s a replica because it made an appearance at the show. Sure, there’s still the oddly proportioned model, but it was a pretty impressive display overall.

Strong points? There are many. There were two rather well-built Lamborghini replicas. One is a Countach kit car which is as close as possible to the original model. The same goes for a certain yellow “Diablo”, with a closed gear lever.

But the best replica at the show according to Adam was the Porsche 911 GT3. At first glance, it looks like any other 911 GT3 RS, but you’ll need an eagle’s eye to spot it as a contender. If you look at the effort that went into it, this isn’t a backyard kit car build made out of a mishmash of parts.

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