These “hydrophobic” wipers are designed for the hot and humid weather of Malaysia

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TRAPO Asia, an award-winning automotive accessories brand, announces the launch of its brand new product, the Oxtra hydrophobic wiper blade.

Featuring a silicone-based material, Oxtra hydrophobic wiper blades are designed to create strong water-repellent coatings with every pass over your windshield. This helps create an intense water beading effect to improve driver visibility on the road.

In 2020, Malaysia recorded a total of 418,237 road accidents and 4,634 fatalities. According to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), weather conditions, especially adverse weather events, increase the risk of road accidents and casualties.

Lack of visibility on the road due to fogged windshields contributes to this hazard by impairing the driver’s vision and, therefore, also impairing their driving performance.

The Oxtra hydrophobic wiper blade has been created to mitigate this risk by providing clearer vision through excellent wiping performance, especially in heavy rain.

What sets the Oxtra Hydrophobic Wiper Blade apart from its competition is that it is very durable and helps prevent water buildup with a strong hydrophobic coating.

This coating is created with every wipe and lasts 24 months longer than traditional rubber wipers on the market.

(Credit: TRAPO Asia)

Made with a silicone-based material, the wiper blades cause less friction on your windshields and therefore won’t damage the glass during use.

It also features extreme temperature resistance (-50° to 250°) which means it is perfectly designed to withstand Malaysia’s hot tropical climate and will remain in excellent condition for many years of use.

TRAPO prioritizes driver safety and comfort on the road, and this all-new product simply solidifies its mission by providing drivers with better visibility while driving.

As Malaysia faces many rainy days, a good heavy duty car wiper blade is crucial in keeping the car windshield clear and protected from the harsh elements on the road.

The Oxtra hydrophobic wiper blade can be found in all TRAPO hubs as well as TRAPOs official site.

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