Volkswagen launches car subscription so you can drive an EV without buying it

Others just need a car for a limited period of time, which means paying full price just to use it for a few months doesn’t make much sense.

That is why Volkswagen decided to launch a new program that makes a lot of sense at first glance. Called Volkswagen AutoAbo, this new approach is essentially a car subscription model that allows customers in Germany to drive an ID.3 or ID.4 without actually purchasing it.

So in theory you only pay a monthly fee to drive the car, which means AutoAbo is primarily a long-term car rental service that covers a series of additional costs that are usually passed on to the customer.

Volkswagen guarantees that drivers will only have to pay for electricity, as the subscription service includes everything from registration and maintenance to insurance and road tax.

However, the program also comes with some captures.

First of all, it is only available in Germany and exclusively includes all-electric cars. But then, subscribers can only drive the cars for a maximum of 800 kilometers (almost 500 miles) per month, which, let’s be honest, is quite prohibitive if you want to go on a short vacation, for example.

And last but not least, Volkswagen offers two subscription options, namely three months and six months. After these periods have elapsed, customers can cancel their subscription at any time.

Volkswagen AutoAbo only includes 2,000 cars, and the German automaker says they are all “almost new”. In other words, these are used cars, but it goes without saying that they have all been closely inspected to make sure they are in top condition.

The price of an ID.3 under the new subscription program starts at 499 euros per month (around $ 590, but you have to keep in mind that the program is only available in Germany).

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