What is Aldi’s Alley of Shame?

In recent years, discount grocery retailer Aldi has built a loyal following that rivals Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. In addition to its low prices and shift bonus for shopping carts, it also garnered attention for what Aldi aficionados have dubbed his “the alley of shame. ‘ What is Aldi’s Alley of Shame? For Aldi fans, this is the most exciting part of the store, one that they can spend hours chatting about.

Shame Alley is the nickname for Aldi’s Center Alley, which in most stores is full of food as well as non-food and knickknack promotions that are sometimes organized by season or theme. . According to Dark atlas, Aldi shoppers can find anything from a churros maker to apple cinnamon dog biscuits. The thrill, if such a sensation can be felt in a grocery store, is to navigate the aisle in shame and be surprised at what you can find.

Aldi enthusiast Stefani Fleming created both the Aisle of Shame website and its Facebook group, which has over a million members and deals with the finds, discussions and vernacular of AOS insiders. (Members are even said to make a “caw-caw” noise down the aisle, to see if other OSA lovers are nearby.)

AOS devotees are diligent and persistent in their research. When news of a new product (like an edible advent calendar or a lawn chair) gets around, buyers go hunting. the the most popular the viral discoveries of 2021 were decorative Aldi gnomes; a black romper; a “luxury” pet sofa; an autumn flannel shirt candle; and a patio dining table. The research – and the bragging rights that come with it – have made the aisle a sort of social media scavenger hunt.

Unfortunately, not all Aldi are team with an alley of shame. Given the free publicity, Aldi might want to fix this.

[h/t Atlas Obscura]

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