Which professions pay the most and the least for auto insurance coverage?

A new study launched these days by MoneySupermarket reveals that footballers are keeping the trophy for the second year in a row for paying the most for their car insurance of £ 1,942 per year – more than four times the average car insurance average. class of £ 473.

The Online Fee Comparability website has viewed over 5 million auto insurance claims to determine how the name of your process can affect your top notch auto insurance coverage.

The survey finds that many professions pay the easiest bonuses, with footballers being the best (£ 1,942) adopted by car wash workers (£ 1,616) and sportsmen (£ 1,559). Fast food delivery men (£ 1,537) and slaughterhouse workers (£ 1,487) are the remainder of the top 5.

Of the different size finishes, retirees (£ 258), typists (£ 271) and retirees (£ 275) have the cheapest car insurance costs. They are adopted by clerks (£ 289) and examiners (£ 295).

Which professions pay the most and the least for auto insurance?

Dave Merrick, Car Insurance Coverage Spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Our analysis shows that avid football players have the easiest car insurance premiums for the second year in a row. This is most likely because of the vehicles they impose, which will constantly be very high-end.

“As with the end-year effects, a variety of ‘regular’ occupations – equivalent to supply drivers – fall into the more expensive category. Insurance companies keep large repositories of previous claims data, which give details of how they calculate a higher class. Therefore, some occupations are reported as more dangerous and are charged extra. However, it’s also important to note that insurers take other issues into account as well, such as the age of the engine, its location, and its previous loss history.

“If you’re into the kind of jobs and feel like you’re paying too much, you can still save a lot of money on your auto insurance by shopping for groceries on renewal time. If you do this, you can save up to 280 €.

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